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Velcro - Hooks & Loops

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Velcro - Hooks & Loops: Secure Fastening with Fire Retardant Safety

Optimal Holding Capability

The Velcro Hook strip is engineered for a high-strength grip, ensuring a reliable and durable hold for various applications.

Resilience: Withstands up to 150°C continuous working temperature.
Dimensions: Available in a generous 2500cm length and 5cm width.

Versatility in Use
Perfect for closures on insulation jackets, our Hook and Loop tapes offer flexibility and are supplied as separate rolls for economic efficiency.

Fire Retardant Treatment
Prioritizing safety, the tapes receive a fire retardant treatment, making them suitable for high-standard safety requirements.

Cost-Effective Solutions
Provided as individual rolls of either hook or loop to cater to varying needs, ensuring you only purchase what you need.

Further Information & Purchasing
Please contact us for comprehensive technical data or to discuss your specific requirements.

Contact Details
Inquire Today: Reach out for expert advice and custom solutions.

Order Now: Enhance the safety and efficiency of your insulation systems with our Velcro - Hooks & Loops.