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Loose Fill Insulation 5kg Bags

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Loose Fill with low binding contents

  • Comes in 5kg Bags
  • Area Covered - 5.52 Litres (5.52 x10'3 m3)

Loose insulation formed for the use within cavities, tanks, and ovens.

Buy Insulation is proud to introduce our Loose Fill insulation, incorporating low binding contents, and purposefully crafted for application in cavities, tanks, and ovens. Packaged in user-friendly 5kg bags, this product ensures ease of handling and application.

In our production process, we primarily use stone wool products procured from one of the industry's leading manufacturers, PAROC. However, sustainability is just as essential to us as quality. Throughout the manufacturing of our bespoke insulation solutions, such as Pipe Section Mat and Lags, waste and offcuts from the PAROC product are inevitably produced. Rather than simply disposing of these remnants, Buy Insulation has adopted a more eco-friendly approach - we recycle them, transforming waste into beneficial and sustainable Loose Fill insulation products for our valued customers.

Our Buy Insulation Loose Fill insulation exhibits remarkable durability and can withstand high temperatures. The binder of the material begins to evaporate once the temperature surpasses approximately 200°C. While this results in a decrease in the compressive stress, the insulation's key properties remain unaffected. What's more, the softening temperature of the original products is over 1000°C, testifying to the product's resilience.

Rated A1 in Euroclass for Reaction to Fire in accordance with EN13501-1, our Loose Fill insulation is a safe choice. It also demonstrates minimal Water Absorption, Short Term WS, (Wp) of less than 1kg/m2 1, as per EN1609.

Our Buy Insulation Loose Fill insulation product is a versatile and cost-effective solution for an array of insulation needs. Whether you're contemplating blown-in Loose Fill insulation, Loose Fill cavity wall insulation, Loose Fill rockwool insulation, Loose Fill mineral wool insulation, or havelock wool sheep's wool Loose Fill insulation, our offering is an optimal choice. Furthermore, it can also be employed as a suitable substitute for loose fill fiberglass insulation, vermiculite loose fill insulation, loose fill masonry insulation, perlite loose fill insulation, and thermofloc loose fill.

We advise not to over-pack or compress our Loose Fill insulation during its installation to maintain its insulating capabilities. With Buy Insulation, you are choosing a product that combines efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

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