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Paroc HVAC Lamella Mat (Per Roll)

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Paroc HVAC Lamella Mat (Per Roll)

Paroc HVAC Lamella Mat, recognised as PAROC Ductwrap, is a superior, non-combustible stone wool foil faced insulation mat, tailored for enhancing thermal efficiency in HVAC ductwork. This product is merchandised per roll with varying lengths contingent on thickness.

Paroc HVAC Lamella Mat Key Features:

Material Composition: Non-combustible stone wool mat, ensuring a high degree of safety and durability.
Optimal Thermal Insulation: Ideal for augmenting thermal insulation of HVAC ductwork, facilitating a conducive environment.
Reinforced Foil Backing: Boasts a reinforced foil backing, which is instrumental in moisture barrier provision.
Fire Safety: Class O fire rated, embodying a pinnacle of safety in fire-prone scenarios.
High-Temperature Resilience: Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 250°C, showcasing remarkable heat resistance.
Weight: HVAC 45kg, a testament to its robust and durable nature.

Paroc Product Description:

The PAROC Pro Lamella Mat AluCoat is a distinct variant of the Paroc HVAC Lamella Mat, embodying a non-combustible stone wool insulation designed meticulously for thermal and condensation insulation of ventilation ducts and equipment. Its reinforced aluminium foil facing further augments its insulation capacity and durability.

Purchase Options:
Paroc Lamella Mat is available for purchase per roll, with the length of each roll varying based on its thickness, offering flexibility to meet diverse insulation requirements.

Contact for Further Information:

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Discover the efficiency of Paroc HVAC Lamella Mat for your HVAC ductwork insulation needs.

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