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Lunaflex Ductwrap

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Lunaflex DuctWrap: Enhanced Insulation for Duct Systems

Discover the superior insulation capabilities of Lunaflex DuctWrap, designed specifically for the thermal regulation of air conditioning ducts, heating systems, and industrial pipelines. This premium insulation solution combines high thermal resistance with exceptional flexibility and durability, ensuring your systems operate efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

Thermal Resistance: Maximises energy efficiency by significantly reducing energy consumption.
Flexible Application: Adapts seamlessly to various shapes and sizes, perfect for complex duct systems.
Durability: Engineered to endure harsh environmental conditions, promising long-term performance and reliability.

Technical Specifications

Thermal Conductivity: Expertly designed to minimise heat loss, maintaining optimal temperature control.
Fire Safety Compliance: Meets stringent fire safety standards, ensuring a safer installation.
Moisture Resistance: Provides excellent protection against humidity and moisture, preserving insulation integrity.

Installation Benefits

User-Friendly Installation: Designed for quick and easy installation, saving time and effort.
Adhesive Edges: Ensures a secure and snug fit around ductwork, effectively eliminating air leaks.

Environmental Contribution

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing: Utilises environmentally friendly materials, supporting sustainable construction practices.
Energy Conservation: Helps significantly reduce the carbon footprint by improving energy efficiency.

ODE Duct-wrap is a glass mineral wool roll designed to be installed on ventilation ducts to prevent heat loss/gain and control condensation.

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Enhance your duct system's performance and energy efficiency with Lunaflex DuctWrap. Contact us today to find out more and make a purchase.