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ODE Starflex Loft Roll (100mm & 200mm)

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ODE Loft Roll (100mm & 200mm) – Enhance Your Home's Efficiency

Product Description
Elevate your home's thermal efficiency with ODE Loft Roll, crafted to perfection in both 100mm and 200mm thicknesses. This superior glass mineral wool insulation roll stands as the epitome of performance, delivering exceptional thermal regulation in lofts, attics, and between floors. Embrace the dual benefits of boosted energy efficiency and a consistently comfortable indoor climate throughout the seasons with ODE Loft Roll.

Key Features
Optimal Thickness Options: Available in 100mm and 200mm variants, our Loft Roll caters to diverse insulation requirements, ensuring you receive the right level of warmth and energy savings.
Eco-Conscious Manufacturing: Composed of sustainable materials, the Loft Roll aligns with our pledge towards environmental stewardship.
Exceptional Thermal Resistance: Designed with cutting-edge materials, it significantly curtails heat transfer, translating to energy savings and a cozy home environment.
Energy Cost Reduction: The enhanced insulation properties lead to diminished heating and cooling expenses, offering relief to your utility bills.
Year-Round Comfort: Achieve a stable and pleasant indoor temperature throughout the changing seasons, thanks to the superior insulating capabilities of ODE Loft Roll.
Sustainable Living: Installing ODE Loft Roll is a stride towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, contributing to the reduction of your carbon footprint and promoting ecological wellbeing.

Technical Specifications

Brand: ODE
Available Coverages: Choose from 7.2m2 per pack for 200mm thickness or opt for 100mm thickness for different coverage.
Width: 1200mm, providing extensive coverage for large areas.
Fire Rating: Classified as A1 (EN 13501-1), denoting top-tier fire resistance.
Material Type: High-quality Fibreglass
Max Service Temperature: Withstands up to 250°C
Thermal Conductivity: Impressive 0.044W/mK, for superior insulation efficiency.
Installation Ease:
User-Friendly: The ODE Loft Roll is designed for simplicity, making installation quick and straightforward, be it for DIY or professional setups.

ODE Starflex Loft Rolls are the insulating blankets and boards, used forthermal and sound insulation of buildings and HVAC ducts from outside.

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Contact Information
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Upgrade to ODE Loft Roll and step into a world where top-notch insulation meets sustainable living.

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