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Stylite Floor Boards EPS70

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Stylite Floor Boards EPS70: High-Performance Insulation

Optimal Insulation Solution
Stylite EPS 70 is your go-to expanded polystyrene (EPS) board, offering exceptional insulation across various applications.

Versatile Application Range
Designed to enhance floor constructions in both residential and commercial buildings, adapting effortlessly to your specific insulation requirements.

Tailored Thickness and Strength
Choose from a spectrum of thickness levels, each engineered to deliver robust compressive strength for load-bearing installations.

Enhance Your Project
Opt for Stylite EPS 70 boards for a blend of durability and thermal efficiency, ensuring your flooring structure stands the test of time.

Get in Touch
Connect with us to explore how Stylite EPS 70 can elevate your construction projects.

Contact Us: For comprehensive details or to order Stylite EPS 70, reach out today. Let us assist in optimizing your floor insulation needs.