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Plysolene Sheeting (PIB)

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Plysolene Sheeting (PIB): Essential Protection for Your Insulation

Discover the robust and reliable Plysolene Sheeting (PIB), meticulously designed to offer supreme protection and water-proofing for your insulation needs. This sheeting is your trustworthy companion for enduring insulation safeguard against all weather adversities.

Plysolene Sheeting Key Attributes

Non-Hardening: Ensures flexibility and resistance to brittleness over time.
Almost Non-Ageing: Stays resilient against wear and tear, ensuring longevity.
UV Stable: Effectively combats harmful ultraviolet rays, retaining its structure and colour.
Easily Weldable: Facilitates effortless fabrication into complex shapes and quick welding using Rapid Weld brush-on welding agent or white spirit.
Chalked Surface: Provides ease in handling and installation.
Thickness Varieties: Available in 0.5mm and 0.8mm thicknesses to accommodate your

Plysolene Sheeting requirements

Plysolene Sheeting is an exemplary choice for a myriad of insulation protection applications. Its user-friendly fabrication and superior welding capabilities make it a dependable ally for your insulation projects.

Plysolene Sheeting (PIB) - Produced from high molecular weight polyisobutylene, modified to achieve
optimum properties.

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Explore the multitude of ways Plysolene Sheeting can meet your insulation protection needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are eager to assist you.

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