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Nitrile Plain Class O Roll Sheet Insulation

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Discover the Efficiency of Nitrile Plain Class O Roll Sheet Insulation

Top-notch Fire Resistance

The Class O flame spread rating of our Nitrile foam insulation sheet assures top-level fire resistance, making it a safe choice for various applications where fire safety is a priority.

Varied Dimensions for Your Needs
We provide a range of dimensions, supplied in 3m, 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m x 1m rolls, catering to different project sizes and ensuring you get the precise amount of insulation you require.

Excellent Moisture Barrier
Thanks to its closed-cell structure with an in-built water vapour barrier, our insulation sheet effectively prevents moisture ingress, maintaining its insulating performance over time.

Superior Thermal Insulation

Boasting excellent thermal values, this insulation sheet significantly minimizes energy loss, leading to reduced heating costs and a more comfortable indoor environment.

Flexibility and Hygiene
Being flexible and fibre-free, our insulation sheet meets high hygiene requirements, making it a suitable choice for environments where cleanliness is crucial.

Resistance to Microbial Growth
The inherent resistance to microbial growth further enhances the hygiene and durability of the insulation, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

Customisation Options
With a variety of adhesives and matching tapes available, you can easily customise the shapes to fit your specific needs, making installation a breeze.

Reach Out for More Technical Data
For more detailed technical data and other inquiries, feel free to contact us:

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Invest in Nitrile Plain Class O Roll Sheet Insulation for a reliable, durable, and efficient insulation solution!