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Nitrile Plain Class O Pipe Insulation

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Enhance Energy Efficiency with Nitrile Plain Class O Pipe Insulation

Exceptional Insulation Tailored for Your Needs

Discover the magic of superior insulation with our Nitrile Plain Class O Pipe Insulation. Designed meticulously, this self-sealing insulation is your go-to solution for ensuring minimised energy loss across piping systems.

Length Provision: Supplied in convenient 2-metre lengths, ensuring you have ample material to cover extensive piping networks.
Flame Spread Rating: Class O flame spread rating, a testament to its superior safety standards in preventing fire propagation.
Factory-Applied Adhesive: Comes with a factory applied adhesive along with an easy peel carrier strip for hassle-free installation.
In-built Water Vapour Barrier: The closed-cell structure includes an in-built water vapour barrier to prevent moisture ingress, maintaining the insulation's integrity and performance over time.

Outstanding Thermal Performance

Experience remarkable thermal values that work diligently to minimise energy loss, keeping the enclosed spaces thermally comfortable and significantly reducing energy costs.

Health, Hygiene and Customisation

Flexibility: Flexible and fibre-free composition, ideal for high hygiene requirements, ensuring a clean, safe environment.
Microbial Growth Resistance: Inherently resistant to microbial growth, promoting a healthier space.
Versatile Sizing: Available to suit all standard pipe sizes and also in sheet form for broader application. A variety of adhesives and matching tapes are available to craft customised shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for every project.

Dive Deeper into Technical Excellence

Craving more technical insights? Reach out to us for an in-depth dive into this product's technical data and discover how Nitrile Plain Class O Pipe Insulation can be the cornerstone of your insulation needs.

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