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Nitrile Insulation Adhesive Tape

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Nitrile Insulation Adhesive Tape: The Perfect Companion for Your Insulation Needs

Specially Designed for Nitrile Foam

Our Nitrile Insulation Adhesive Tape is crafted with precision to bond nitrile foam insulation securely. The specialised nature of the tape ensures a firm adhesion, promoting long-term insulation efficiency.

Strong Vapour Proof Bond
Enjoy peace of mind with the tape's robust vapour proof bonding capability. By creating a resilient barrier against water vapour, it aids in maintaining the insulation's integrity, contributing towards enhanced insulation performance over time.

Adapts to Underlying Insulation Contours
The tape is designed to follow the contours of the underlying insulation effortlessly, ensuring a snug fit and superior insulation efficacy.

Supplied in Various Roll Lengths for Your Convenience
Choose from different roll lengths to suit the scale of your project. The tape is supplied in 15-meter rolls, ensuring you have ample supply for your insulation needs.

Quick and Easy Application
Application is straightforward with our Nitrile Insulation Adhesive Tape. It can be spirally wound to provide an anti-condensation surface on pipework, making your insulation project easier and more efficient.

Effective Thermal Insulation
The tape's highly flexible closed cell elastomeric foam (FEF) is suitable for both hot and cold thermal insulation. It features a combination of low thermal conductivity, high water vapour diffusion resistance, and low flame spread, making it an ideal choice for various insulation requirements.

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Invest in our Nitrile Insulation Adhesive Tape and ensure a reliable, lasting bond for your insulation needs!