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Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap

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Premium Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap: Ultimate HVAC Insulation Solution

Unveiling our top-tier Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap, the epitome of high-quality insulation for HVAC ductwork. Tailored to cater to diverse insulation needs, our Ductwrap is available in various dimensions, ensuring a snug fit for seamless insulation.

Sizes Available:

Paroc 1 x 8m (25mm Thickness)
Paroc 1 x 7m (40mm Thickness)
Paroc 1 x 6m (50mm Thickness)

Also Explore Our ICEROCK Range:

ICEROCK 900mm x 10m (25mm Thickness)
ICEROCK 900mm x 8.5m (40mm Thickness)
ICEROCK 900mm x 7.5m (50mm Thickness)

Key Features:

Material Excellence: Non-combustible stone wool mat
Optimal Thermal Insulation: Ideal for HVAC ductwork
Reinforced Foil Backing: Ensures moisture barrier
Fire Safety Compliance: Class O fire rated
High Temperature Resilience: Withstands up to 250°C
Versatile Thickness Options: 25mm, 40mm, and 50mm available

Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap Product Description:

Indulge in the superior thermal insulation offered by Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap. Our Ductwrap is a light density stone wool mat adorned with a reinforced Aluminium foil on one side, ensuring maximum temperature resilience up to 250°C. The meticulous engineering behind this product allows a nominal density of 40 - 45 kg/m³, making it a reliable choice for maintaining a conducive environment within your HVAC ductwork.
Reach out for further technical data and embrace the remarkable insulation solution that Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap brings to your establishment!

Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap - Being Updated

Download The Full Data & Spec Sheet

Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap - Declaration Of Performance -Being Updated

Download The Full Data & Spec Sheet

Contact Information:

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Discover the efficiency of Paroc Mineral Wool Ductwrap for your HVAC ductwork insulation needs and experience a noticeable difference in thermal control!

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