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Isogenopak Sheeting

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Isogenopak Sheeting: Premium Cladding for Insulated Pipework

Isogenopak Sheeting, synonymous with superior cladding, is a rigid PVC film particularly devised for jacketing insulated pipework fittings. This product is vended per roll, with each roll measuring 1mtr x 35mtr and a thickness of 350 microns, designed to meet varied insulation requisites.

Detailed Description of Isogenopak Sheeting

Isogenopak Sheeting is your trusted companion for jacketing insulated pipes, ensuring a dry, clean fitting. The unique self-extinguishing feature along with its resistance to corrosive elements makes it a reliable and long-lasting solution. The grey finish adds a touch of professionalism while aligning well with various indoor aesthetics.

Isogenopak Sheeting Key Features:

Self-Extinguishing: Safety is paramount; our sheeting is self-extinguishing, shielding against fire hazards​​.
Chemical Resistance: Exhibits strong resistance against corrosive chemicals, ensuring a long-lasting solution amidst challenging conditions​​.
Water Resistant: Impervious to water vapour and unaffected by both fresh and salt water, maintaining its integrity over time​.
Hygienic Cladding: Provides a hygienic, lightweight cladding for insulated pipework fittings, ensuring a neat, clean appearance​​.
Technical Specifications:
Material: High-quality PVC
Dimensions: 350mu 1x25m per roll​
Temperature Range: Suitable for temperatures between -20°C to 65°C​

Isogenopak Sheeting Application:
Ideal for insulating pipes and ducts, our Isogenopak Sheeting is versatile, being apt for both hot and cold water pipes/ducts. It provides an additional layer of thermal and acoustic insulation, promoting energy efficiency and serene environments​9​​10​.
Isogenopak Sheeting is available for purchase per roll, with the dimensions of each roll curated to address diverse insulation needs.
chase per roll, with the dimensions of each roll curated to address diverse insulation needs.

Isogenopak® is a special rigid PVC film for cladding insulated pipes. A dry, clean fitting is guaranteed. The inherent curl makes it the ideal material for quick and easy covering.

Download The Full Data & Spec Sheet

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Invest in our Isogenopak Sheeting and experience a harmonious blend of quality, safety, and performance in your insulation endeavors.

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