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Identification Banding

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Identification Banding: Essential for Organised Piping Systems

Ensure precise and compliant pipe identification with our top-grade Identification Banding. These self-adhesive pipe identification tapes are designed to streamline your piping identification process, adhering to the rigorous standards of BS1710.

Key Features:

Robust Adhesion: Equipped with a strong acrylic adhesive, our tapes offer maximum grip, ensuring they stay in place even in challenging environments.
User-Friendly Design: The tapes feature an easy peel adhesive backing, making application swift and hassle-free.
Versatile Sizing: Available in two convenient widths - 150 mm and 270 mm, catering to a wide range of pipe sizes.
Generous Length: Each roll spans a length of 33 meters, providing ample tape for extensive piping systems.
Compliance with Standards: Our tapes meet the requirements of BS1710, ensuring they align with industry best practices for pipe identification.

Enhance the efficiency and safety of your piping projects with our dependable Identification Banding tapes, designed for longevity and ease of use.