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Glassfibre Crimpwrap

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Glassfibre Crimpwrap (Per Roll)

Glassfibre Crimpwrap, also identified as a reliable insulation solution, is a non-combustible glass fibre foil faced insulation mat, designed meticulously for boosting thermal insulation in HVAC ductwork and large diameter pipes. This product is sold per roll with different lengths based on thickness to cater to various insulation needs.

Glassfibre Crimpwrap Key Features:

Material Composition: Composed of non-combustible glass fibre mat, ensuring a high degree of safety and longevity.
Optimal Thermal Insulation: Particularly suited for enhancing thermal insulation of HVAC ductwork, aiding in energy efficiency.
Reinforced Foil Backing: Features a reinforced foil backing, crucial for moisture barrier provision.
Fire Safety: Class O fire rated, exemplifying a high standard of safety in fire-prone scenarios.
High-Temperature Resilience: Can endure temperatures up to 250°C, displaying exceptional heat resistance.
Sound Absorption: The crimp wrapped glass wool efficiently absorbs sound, making it ideal for noise reduction in ventilation systems.

Product Description:
The Glassfibre Crimpwrap is a glass wool insulation roll, crimp wrapped and faced with pure aluminium, gridded for superior insulation and sound absorption. This makes it ideal for the insulation of ventilation ducts, large diameter pipes, and big containers. Its aluminium facing further amplifies its insulation capability and durability.

Purchase Options:
Glassfibre Crimpwrap is available for purchase per roll, with the length of each roll varying based on its thickness, thus offering adaptability to meet diverse insulation demands.

Contact for Further Information:

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Experience the effectiveness of Glassfibre Crimpwrap for your insulation projects, ensuring a conducive and energy-efficient environment.

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