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Sager Glass Fibre Ductwrap

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Glass Fibre Ductwrap - Your Efficient Insulation Solution

Glass Fibre Ductwrap Product Description:

Discover the essence of superior insulation with our Glass Fibre Ductwrap. Manufactured by melting silica sand at high temperatures to create resilient fibres, this ductwrap stands as a paragon of quality and efficiency. Laminated with a robust aluminium foil facing, it adeptly preserves the desired temperature within your duct systems.
Available in a dimension of 50mm x 1.2 x 10m, this product is tailored for both circular and rectangular ductwork, showcasing versatility at its best. It is an ideal choice for applications involving air conditioning, warm air, and extractor ducts, ensuring optimal performance even at service temperatures of up to 230˚C.
The Glass Fibre Ductwrap is not just an insulation material; it's a commitment towards energy efficiency and superior quality.

Glass Fibre Ductwrap Key Features:

Superior Insulation: Expertly designed to provide exceptional thermal insulation for your duct systems, ensuring energy efficiency.
Versatile Application: Suitable for both circular and rectangular ductwork, making it a versatile choice for various duct systems.
High Temperature Resilience: Capable of maintaining its insulation properties even at service temperatures of up to 230˚C.
Quality Material: The high-quality glass fibre material coupled with robust aluminium foil facing ensures durability and effective insulation.

Technical Specifications:
Material: Glass Fibre, Aluminium Foil Facing
Dimensions: 50mm x 1.2 x 10m
Service Temperature: Up to 230˚C

Perfect for a myriad of applications including air conditioning, warm air, and extractor ducts, this Glass Fibre Ductwrap is the go-to solution for your insulation needs.

Purchase Options and Contact Information:
Embrace the path of energy efficiency with our Glass Fibre Ductwrap. For more

information on purchase options:

Click here if you have any questions and we will get back to you today

Invest in Glass Fibre Ductwrap and step towards a more insulated, energy-efficient environment.

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