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Paroc Foil Faced Mineral Wool Ductslab AluCoat

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Paroc Foil Faced Mineral Wool Ductslab AluCoat - Your Go-To Solution for Robust Thermal Insulation

Mineral Wool Ductslab Product Description:

Experience the epitome of thermal insulation with our Foil Faced Mineral Wool Ductslab. This semi-rigid insulation slab, faced with reinforced aluminium foil, is specifically designed for rectangular ductwork, ensuring a snug fit and superior insulation. With its robust thermal insulation capabilities, the Ductslab is an ideal solution for maintaining desired temperatures in your duct systems, making it a staple for various industrial and commercial applications.

Ductslab Key Features:

Robust Thermal Insulation: Ductslab provides exceptional insulation, ensuring optimal temperature maintenance for your ductwork​​.
Excellent Fire Properties: With its stone wool composition, it offers outstanding fire resistance, adding an extra layer of safety to your infrastructure​​.
Reinforced Aluminium Foil Facing: The aluminium foil facing not only provides a vapour barrier but also enhances the insulation's thermal performance​​.
Ease of Installation: The semi-rigid nature of the Ductslab makes it easy to install, particularly suited for rectangular ducts​​.

Foil Faced Mineral Wool Ductslab Technical Specifications:

Material: Stone Wool, Reinforced Aluminium Foil Facing
Form: Semi-Rigid Slab
Recommended Service Temperature: Up to 230˚C

Foil Faced Mineral Wool Ductslab is versatile and well-suited for rectangular ductwork in industrial and commercial settings. Its exceptional thermal insulation and fire-resistant properties make it a reliable choice for a wide range of duct insulation applications.

Purchase Options and Contact Information:

The Foil Faced Mineral Wool Ductslab is available in a variety of dimensions to cater to your specific insulation needs.

Paroc Mineral Wool Ductslab AluCoat -Stone wool slab with reinforced aluminium foil facing. Thermal insulation slab for ventilation ducts and equipment.

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DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE - The performance of the product identified above is in conformity with the set of declared performance/s. This declaration of performance is issued, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.

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Invest in Foil Faced Mineral Wool Ductslab and elevate the thermal insulation of your ductwork to new heights.

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