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Body Soluble Fibre Blanket

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Body soluble blankets are a safe alternative to ceramics for HT applications. 

  • Excellent stability at high temperature
  • 96kg/m³ and 128kg/ m³ density available
  • Available in 25mm or 50mm thickness
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 1200°C
  • Long fibre construction minimises dust nuisance
  • Contains no binder

Available in 25mm or 50mm thickness and 96kg/m³ or 128kg/ m³ density.

Body soluble fibre blanket is used in situations where very high temperatures are encountered.  They have excellent thermal and acoustic properties.  Their long fibre construction helps reduce dust during installation also gives good stability and eliminates thermal shock. The product retains its structural integrity after exposure to high temperature making it ideal in furnace installations.


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