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Air & Dirt Separator

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What is a an Air & Dirt Separator?

For use in sealed heating and cooling systems. Air & Dirt Separators protect against damage caused by the deposit of dirt particles, and large dissolved and undissolved air.

Flanged Air and Dirt Remover with internals designed to create a large surface area for water to flow over causing coalescence. The coalescent effect releases microbubble of air and dirt which are able to rise to the top of the unit to be vented in the case of air, or sink to the base of the unit to be collect in the base of the unit and drained at a later stage.

What are the benefits of an Air & Dirt Separator?

Air & Dirt Separators allow for a reduction in corrosion of pipe and fittings, dependence on chemicals, unwanted dirt build up in equipment & pipe. They also increase the efficiency of, boilers & heat exchangers, chillers and pumps.

Key Points

Microbubble Type
Flanged PN16
10 Bar Working Pressure
110 Degrees C