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Admiralty (Heavy Duty) Cloth

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Admiralty High-Temperature E-Glass Cloth

Heavy Duty Insulation & Fire Safety Roll

Introducing our premium Admiralty High-Temperature E-Glass Cloth, engineered for exceptional performance in demanding environments. This heavy-duty cloth roll is your ideal solution for creating high-temperature jackets and fire safety blankets, designed to offer unparalleled protection and durability.

    • Dimensions: Each roll measures 50m in length and 1.0m in width, providing ample material for large-scale projects.
    • Material Excellence: Made from high-quality 800g E-Glass cloth, this product delivers outstanding thermal insulation and resistance against high temperatures.
    • Versatile Application: Perfectly suited for fabricating indoor insulation jackets, fire blankets, and other protective coverings where heat resistance is crucial.
    • Colour Options: Available in both classic White and sleek Grey, allowing you to choose the best match for your project's aesthetic and functional requirements.

    Whether you're tackling industrial insulation challenges or crafting safety solutions, the Admiralty High-Temperature E-Glass Cloth offers the reliability and performance you need. With its heavy-duty composition and exceptional heat-resistant properties, this cloth is an essential material for professionals looking to enhance safety and efficiency in high-temperature settings.

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