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Acousti-Flex Cut to Size (Contact Us For Price & Ordering)

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Acousti-Flex Cut to Size: Tailored Acoustic Control for Pipes

Acousti-Flex Product Description:

Discover tranquility with Acousti-Flex Cut to Size, your trusted aide in minimizing sound disruption in soil and rainwater pipes. Our foil-faced acoustic composite insulation, with its multi-layer bonded panels, is tailored to snugly enwrap around downpipes. The self-adhesive overlapping closure strip assures a seamless installation, simplifying noise reduction into a single-layer treatment.
Our Aluminium Class O foil faced panels showcase excellent fire resistance and remarkable temperature stability. The Acousti-Flex Cut to Size, with its polymeric barrier layer, embodies quality and functional design, offering a peaceful ambiance in urban settings. Its ease of application and superior acoustic control make it your ideal choice for a quieter environment. Contact us for pricing and order details to step into a realm of acoustic comfort and superior insulation.

Acousti-Flex Key Features:

Tailored Fit: Precisely cut multi-layer bonded panels for a snug fit and effective sound insulation around downpipes.
Easy Application: Self-adhesive overlapping closure strip for a hassle-free, quick application.
Superior Material: Aluminium Class O foil faced panels ensure excellent fire resistance and temperature stability.
Effective Acoustic Control: Promotes a quieter environment by significantly reducing sound nuisance on soil and rainwater pipes.

Acousti-Flex Tailored Solutions Specific to your needs

For price and ordering information, feel free to contact us.
Your journey towards a serene and well-insulated space begins with Acousti-Flex Cut to Size.

Acousti-Flex Cut to Size: Premium Acoustic Control for Pipework

Quiet unwanted noise effortlessly with Acousti-Flex Cut to Size, a foil-faced acoustic control composite insulation for piping systems. Its meticulously crafted multi-layer bonded panels encircle downpipes, facilitated by a self-adhesive overlapping closure strip. Ideal for mitigating sound nuisances in soil and rainwater pipes, aligning with Class O of the UK Building Regulations for superb fire resistance and temperature stability.

Technical Specifications:
Material Composition: Composite 3-part laminate (Glass fibre isolation layer, Heavy mass layer, Outer flame/vapour barrier)
Compliance: Class ‘O’ Building Regs B2/3/4 Appendix A
Glass Fibre Spacer Density: 16-24 kg/m³ nominal
Operating Temperature Range: -30 to 100ºC
Chemical Resistance: Compatible with Oils, water, most solvents
Fire Resistance: Conforms to Class ‘O’ Building Regulations
Thermal Conductivity: (to BS 4745 1990)
Acousti-Flex Grade: 5/25
Value: 0.046 W/mºK

The Acousti-Flex Cut to Size is a meticulously engineered insulation solution for effective noise control in pipework, ensuring a tranquil environment.

Click here if you have any questions and we will get back to you today

Step into a realm of acoustic comfort with Acousti-Flex Cut to Size. Contact Us for pricing and ordering details.