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ProClad 150 Self Adhesive Insulation Cladding

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Unveiling ProClad 150: Your Trusted Partner in Advanced Insulation Cladding

Seamless Insulation Coupled with Aesthetic Versatility

Embark on a journey of enhanced insulation with our ProClad 150 Self Adhesive Insulation Cladding. Crafted with meticulous precision, this cladding solution is poised to become a cornerstone in both indoor and outdoor insulation applications.

Flexible Vapour Barrier: A robust vapour barrier that flexes to accommodate your unique space, ensuring an unyielding defense against moisture ingress.
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: The technologically advanced adhesive, devoid of solvents for an eco-conscious choice, forms a strong bond even in wet or humid conditions, within a wide temperature range of -30°C to +130°C.
Versatile Usage: Whether internal or external, ProClad 150 melds effortlessly with insulated ductwork or pipework, showcasing a high degree of adaptability.

Tailored Solutions to Your Preferences
With ProClad 150, you are not just getting superior insulation but also a choice to match the aesthetic demands of your space.

Colour and Finish Varieties: Available in a palette of finishes including Silver, Black, Grey, Silver Embossed, and White, as well as flat and embossed textures, facilitating a harmonious blend with surrounding equipment and décor.
Ease of Customisation: Its easy-to-cut and shape nature makes ProClad 150 a dream for those seeking a customised insulation solution.

Dive into a World of Technological Excellence
The ProClad 150 emerges from a lineage of premium multi-layered laminate systems, rendering a weatherproof cladding and jacketing system to insulated duct and pipe systems. The 6-ply laminate is a testament to its strength, UV resistance, and zero perm rating, marking it as a market-leading solution for your insulation needs.

Discover More About ProClad 150

Craving more technical insights? Reach out to us for an in-depth dive into this product's technical data and elevate your insulation game to new heights.

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