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Phenolic Pipe Section

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Phenolic Pipe Section - Ultimate Insulation for Your Piping Systems

Phenolic Pipe Section Product Description:

Unlock the pinnacle of thermal insulation with our Phenolic Pipe Section. Designed meticulously for projects where space is a constraint, this insulation material boasts a very low thermal conductivity, ensuring that your pipes remain at the desired temperature, whether hot or cold. Its minimal thickness does not just save space, but also amplifies the thermal performance, making it a superior choice over alternatives.

Key Features of our Phenolic Pipe Section:

Exceptional Thermal Efficiency: With a very low thermal conductivity, it stands as an efficient solution for maintaining temperature control​​.
Space-Saving Design: Created with minimal thickness in mind, it is ideal for projects with limited space​.
Premium Fire Performance: Showcases excellent fire performance, ensuring a safe environment​.
Vapour Barrier: The foil coating acts as an excellent vapour barrier for cold and refrigerated services, maintaining the insulation’s efficiency​​.

Technical Specifications:
Material: Phenolic Foam
Structure: 90% Closed Cell
Coating: Aluminium Foil

Phenolic Pipe Section is versatile and perfect for thermal insulation of pipework across various industries. Whether you are dealing with hot water pipes or refrigerated services, this insulation material ensures optimal thermal efficiency, making it an indispensable asset to your project.

Purchase Options and Contact Information:
Phenolic Pipe Section is available in a variety of dimensions, tailored to meet your specific insulation needs. For more information on purchase options:

Click here if you have any questions and we will get back to you today

Invest in the Phenolic Pipe Section and experience a new standard of thermal insulation.